Johnny Russo

Owner & Tattoo Artist

Tattoo shop owner since 2013.

Specialises in black & grey realism.

Offers free self harm cover up tattoos
(please contact for details)

Sponsored by:
Diamond Tattoo Supplies
After Life Tattoo Care.

Has a shiny head, likes cheesecake


Co-Owner & Laser Technician

Laser tattoo removal

Square One Laser Removal

Funny, mostly in a good way


Co-Owner & Body Piercer

Part owner of San Luca Tattoo Lounge

Full time Body Piercer since 2016

Scares Ren on a daily basis.

Ron Robinson

Tattoo Artist

Specialises in trash polka, watercolour
and dot work.

Trained under Johnny Russo,
tattooing since 2016.

Always wearing his court suit,
which he looks very good in.

Contact us to enquire about availability / book an appointment.